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I have made many positive decisions and made many mistakes, but the mistakes have been a hugely valuable source of learning to me and I want to pass this on to you, I want to pay it forward and help you realise the potential in you, your people and your business.

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Andrew Henderson

I have been lucky enough to have a fantastic career within an outstanding business for over 21 years.

My business journey has been hugely enjoyable and rewarding, but, at times very frustrating. I have had to smash through many a glass ceiling to achieve the next level and to engage the people working with me.

It is these experiences which shape you as an individual and as a leader. Each day brings a new challenge, a new experience and a new chapter!

Our Purpose at Forward Thinking is to help company owners and leaders REALISE the POTENTIAL within your business.

Working together, we'll GET CLEAR on where the business is now, we'll shape our dreams of where we can take it into the future and collectively agree what we need to get us there.

We'll set some big goals to make sure we are heading in the right direction and define what success looks like, sounds like and feels like - so we know when we have arrived.

Together we'll make what was an impossible dream an inevitable conclusion and DELIVER the RESULTS that you deserve.

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Grow your Business Predictably, Step by Step, Turn by Turn.

…In my training you will learn how to profitably grow your business on autopilot giving you the work life balance, cashflow, success and freedom that you deserve, the journey to your success will become as easy as following a GPS.……………………………………………………………

More Money? Time? Freedom? ...to do the things YOU LOVE?

…and I’m going to share with you the results, and its all about the results!
You’ll have more money, more positive choices, more time too to spend doing the things that you love with the people that you love doing them with..

My 6 Step Process to Success in your Business and your Life

I’ll coach you through each step, sharing examples of how I used my proprietary system in my own business, and how others have achieved success in theirs.
I’ll share specific examples in each step mapping it out with you right by your side..
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