Forward Thinking – East Lancashire Celebrates Successful Launch of YAB Rawtenstall

Forward Thinking – East Lancashire is delighted to announce the successful launch of the new YAB group in Rawtenstall. The event marked a significant achievement in fostering local business collaboration and support, bringing together a dynamic group of business leaders from the region. 

The launch, hosted at The Fire Pit in Rossendale, attracted a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders who are eager to engage in a new style of collaborative problem-solving and to be an active member of a local and national business community.  

Chris Ball, the MD of Forward Thinking – East Lancashire and community host for YAB Rawtenstall commented on the launch meeting: “Seeing such a strong turnout for our first meeting was incredibly inspiring. The enthusiasm and collective spirit to support and uplift each other really encapsulated what YAB is all about. We are excited to see how YAB Rawtenstall will continue to shape the local business landscape.” 

The launch emphasized the core philosophy of YAB—facilitating a supportive environment where all members contribute to and benefit from shared knowledge and experiences.  

Andy Henderson, founder of Forward Thinking and YAB, also shared his thoughts: “The successful launch of YAB Rawtenstall under the Forward Thinking – East Lancashire banner represents a significant milestone. We are committed to creating business communities where leaders can thrive through mutual support. The positive reception and outcomes of this event highlight the potential impact of YAB in the region.” 

YAB Rawtenstall is set to meet every month, providing an ongoing platform for local business leaders to connect, share challenges, and drive collective growth. 

Attend a future YAB meeting, secure your ticket here.

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