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Hey Forward Thinker,


Don’t get hung up on the word sales if…

You are not a salesperson but you do have a responsibility to sell…

You’re helping, not selling. 

That’s SO important I’m gonna say it again….

You’re helping, not selling. 

“Helping with what though?”…

Well, you’re helping your customers, and prospects solve a problem that causes them pain.

“How do I know what their problems are, and how their problems cause them pain?”

That’s easy, you…

Need to walk a mile in their shoes and…

Define your dream buyer profile and…

In this video I’m gonna show you how.

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT components to building and growing a business that works for you, and…

Not the other way around.

Check out the video above!

Let me know how you get on!

And remember, you’re just one step away! 

Your Sherpa Guide,

Andy Henderson

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How To Gain A Competitive Advantage


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