Step 3 Of My Proven 6 Step System…(VIDEO)

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Step 3 Of My Proven 6 Step System...(VIDEO)
Step 3 Of My Proven 6 Step System…

Your Sherpa Guide here, Andy.

How are you finding this series of blog posts so far? Making sense? Providing you with value? With that much-needed direction? I hope so! It’s worked for others, and I’m damn sure it will work for you too!

If you weren’t aware, I work with people on a more personal level through my Success GPS workshops I hold each and every month in the North of England. And the results I helped my students achieve so far are, well…out of this world! Seriously, but I don’t expect you just to believe me, instead how about reading for yourself? Here are just some of my students talking about their experiences with Success GPS…read here.

Right, onto Step 3…which is all about defining, and then gunning, with laser-guided focus towards your north star.

What’s driving you? What do you want to achieve in 10 years’ time?!

Big question I know! But we must identify our north star….

Then work backwards. 

Revenue, profit and your measurement for year 3, year 2 and year 1.

Grab a pen and some paper and watch the video below….

Now take a step back, look at your map, does year 1 look achievable? 

You can hit it, right? I know you can!

I hope you found step 3 of value. If you want to speak to me about step 3 or any of the steps I’ve talked you through over the last couple of days, reach out. You can contact me here

I appreciate it can be a lot to take in at once, so feel free to reach out and lets work on it together! As a team we are stronger! And together we will get you to where you want to go…a better life for you, your loved ones and a business you’re proud to own. I can’t wait to speak to you!