Step 4 Of My Proven 6 Step System…(VIDEO)

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Step 4 Of My Proven 6 Step System...
Step 4 Of My Proven 6 Step System…

Andy here, Your Sherpa Guide.

Today’s blog post we are talking about Step 4…

What’s YOUR superpower, and why should anyone care? 

Well, your dream buyer DOES care, because it’s your superpower and your unique capability that will motivate them to buy!

When you nail down your superpower, clearly define your dream customer, and find out where they all hang out and start interacting with them, you have built a business with exponential growth potential – sound good?  Damn right 👍

Tell me:

– What’s your superpower?

– Who’s your dream customer?

– How on earth do you communicate this so that your dream customers become actual loyal buying customers who you love to deal with?

Not sure? Watch this…

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