Step 5 Of My Proven 6 Step System…(VIDEO)

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Step 5 Of My Proven 6 Step System... (VIDEO)
Step 5 Of My Proven 6 Step System…

Andy here, your Sherpa Guide with Step 5.

We are at step 5 already and if you have been reading along and implementing what I’ve been sharing with you over recent weeks, then  I’m certain you’re well on your way to making those all-important changes that will impact your life and your business FOREVER.

How can I be so sure? Just take a look at what my students are saying here

Let’s get into Step 5…

Do you suffer from goal fatigue?

What’s that? Well I’m not sure – I actually just made it up, but it kind of typifies the feelings we have when we set the wrong goals for the wrong reasons just to pull us out of the trenches, the goals we set become tiresome to achieve, so much so that we turn our back on them and just give up. 

Ever been there? Goal Fatigue…

I think I’m going to make that an actual thing!!

So how DO you set the right goals for the right reasons? 

Well, you have got to FEEL IT, with every cell in your body. 

Not just the goal but the OUTCOME of achieving it, and the positive impact for you, your family and friends and the wider system of You hitting YOUR goals! 

Want to know how to do it right? Watch me explain the POSSEE effect, grab a pen and paper and try it out.

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