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Gina Robertson

After purchasing a business last September and knowing nothing about how to run a business or how to grow one I was put in contact with Andy. I wanted to gain confidence and knowledge and really make a ‘flying start’ at growing my business and making it a success. I had so many ideas but everything was jumbled up in my head and it had started to feel like I’d taken on something far too big to deal with. With Andy’s guidance and positivity, I completely grew in confidence in myself, my business and the knowledge that actually I can do this and my business WILL be a success. The course was informative, extremely worthwhile and a really enjoyable experience. It allowed me to pinpoint exactly what I wanted, how I was going to get there and to 100% believe in myself! Genuinely wasn’t just a journey for my business but for myself to. Thank you and I’ll definitely be recommending you to other friends and family who want to grow their businesses!

Claire Curran

Where do I start with Success GPS delivered by Andy Henderson!! I was initially unsure of how much this course would help me as I am now coming to the end of a successful first year with plans for going into my second year. On starting the course, I thought I knew quite a lot about my how far I had come and where I was going. As I got further into the course and deeper into thinking about my business, I discovered that I hadn’t realised just how much I had to offer and what my niche was. I was trying to help everyone. The course and Andy’s delivery of it, made me think on a deep level about my services, what I had to offer and who I was trying to attract. In doing that I have found a new energy and self belief to take me into my second year! On top of that, Andy has taught me how to design a business that gives me the lifestyle I want to live. I now have a very clear 1 year, 3 year and 10 year goal but not only that, I have those BIG goals broken down into quarterly and monthly steps for each year. A clear map to get me straight to my destination! I now feel like I can’t fail to get to the place I want to be. Andy has not only taught me how to get there, but also the things I need to track on a weekly basis to make sure that I achieve all of my goals. These tools I have now for life!! I have met an incredible group of business owners and felt a huge amount of support within the group and a sense of community. I will be taking away a renewed confidence, a clear map to my ultimate business goal and lifelong friendships. If you are looking to build a business that works for you and gives you the lifestyle you dream of then you need to book onto this course!! I also need to thank Boost Lancashire for funding such an invaluable course to all business owners of any size business!

Gemma Swift

Director at PropelU Ltd
It was an amazing experience to complete the Success GPS Programme with Andy. I was initially a little apprehensive about taking part, but I am so pleased that I did! I now have a solid plan to take my business to the next level - and with Andy's help - this wasn't even difficult. Would definitely recommend to fellow small businesses looking to scale up.  

Tina Walsh

Managing Director at Professional Sourcing Compliance (PSC) Ltd
Andy Henderson is a man who is truly passionate about what he teaches. He has the ability to turn a complex business topic into plain simple English. By asking you a set of questions he gets you to create your own business framework to fulfil you business goals and leaves you with a detailed plan as to how to build and monitor your business in the weeks, months and years ahead to ensure your success. If I could give higher than a 5* rating I would. Highly recommend working with Andy, you certainly wont regret it! Thank you to Boost Lancashire for making this possible!

Tony Smith

Managing Director
Having reached a point of no growth through my businesses I was looking for other marketing ideas to take things to the next level. I came across Andy on Social Media (probably like you, seeing his cheeky little face appear here and there on your timeline), he seemed to be a man of experience and hold a confident and positive attitude towards life and business. After speaking with Andy a few times I took the plunge and signed up to his Success GPS Course. Andy provided me with a strategy to get where I want to get to through his GPS system. While I have not yet implemented this through both businesses yet, I have on smaller projects successfully. The thing I learnt the most about from this course is marketing, having been a businessman for many years I thought I knew the marketing game well, but Andy showed me another level of marketing which was simple, but very effective, this enabled me to increase the price of our product and aim to the right kind of clientele. Due to Covid and reduction in sales, this couldn't have come at a better time, I have now reduced overheads, do less turnover (so less problems) but make more than we have made when we were operating at a much level in production and sales.

Stephen Daniels

Quicklaunch UK
"I had been looking for a business coach for a while and found Andy via Linkedin. The Success GPS course itself was great. It really helps you drill down to where you are at the moment and then work up an actionable plan in order to get you on the path towards your overall goals. Andy's delivery of the material was great. His prior experiences in business and enthusiasm for what he is doing really comes through. Exciting times ahead. Would highly recommend if you're feeling frustrated, a bit rudderless or just want some clarity in your business. Andy and the Success GPS course will certainly help you!"  

Jill Abbot

Business Owner
Working with Andy was a real eye-opener, especially for a complete beginner in business.  His powerful training incorporates his knowledge of growing a business with psychology; marketing; finance and many others, but in a simple, accessible and fun way, with simple tasks to be completed each week, and which wasn't at any time overwhelming. His friendly and easy manner instantly put me at my ease, and I finished the course with the precise knowledge and tools needed to move forward.  In addition, Andy is always available at the end of the phone or email and happy to help and support if anything comes up in the future. I recommend Andy and his methods wholeheartedly.   

Helen Clayton

PMM Accountants
Andy has his own personal story and experience and has used this to develop something quite special that takes you on a journey. A real journey into goals, obstacles, ideal clients including some tough conversations and decisions - all leading to painting that picture so the team is aligned, feeling the same buzz, knowing and understanding not only what the aim is but also how they can get there. Andy is definitely a Sherpa guide, he's brought us to our mountain and we've worked now to determine what our path is - and we're all on the same path working together (with Andy!) Andy's not afraid to share his vulnerabilities, his experiences to show that we're not designed to be perfect - we're designed to grow from every experience and utilise it to make life even better. Thank you!!

Carl Allen

Founder at Ninja Acquisitions
I have used the Success GPS system in two of the businesses I own. I love it. I was initially sceptical as I thought “just another goal setting program” but this program is more about the execution and even more importantly, the psychology of taking action and staying accountable. I grew one business 2.7X in revenues and 4.4X in profit using these principles. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to grow a business and getting total clarity on where you currently are and how you get to the next level.

Gavin Roper

Director, Power Solutions UK
Before I spoke with Andrew, I was just stuck in first gear, the business was all over the place and I was spinning so many plates, and sometimes I just did not want to face work. After day 1 everything I needed to do made sense, within 7 days I’d totally restructured my business, and just knew what action I needed to take. Andrew gave me the confidence to do it, and I did. In 3 months I’m so focused, I’ve dramatically increased my earnings, I’m cruising in 6th gear, and I wake up every morning, positive and energised about what the day will bring. I feel like a different person.  

Donna Bristol

Business Owner
“Andy has without a doubt helped me turn my business around for the better!! I took part in the Success GPS course earlier this year when I was working 50+ hours a week and just could not see the end to it all! I needed a new plan, structure and goals and Andy helped me achieve all of these and more! The investment I made in his course was one of the best business decisions I have made, and I know that I can call on Andy at any point for help or advice. If anyone is looking to make changes to their business for the better and get that work/life balance back the Andy is your person 100%!!”

Lee Roe

Lee Roe - Ribble FM
Show me the mountain top, help me get there and I will send you a photo from the summit, with a heartfelt thank you, and an admiration for the person I have shared my life, my business and my soul with. From watching me and following my successes, you will realise and learn how instrumental you have been in that success, its my legacy for my son, my timestamp on the world, my opportunity seized, my dream complete. Andrew Henderson, my Sherpa guide, mentor, advisor, observer, colleague, but most of all a friend for life.

Dan Elson

Director, Chasing Flags Digital
Looking to take your life and business to the next level?  Andrew Henderson is your man!  Taking the time away from the day to day to sit down and really, and I mean REALLY decide exactly what you want in your life and how your business will help you get it was a refreshing experience and that got my head buzzing but for all the right reasons.  Day 1 was amazing, onwards to day 2 in July!  Any is a friendly guy who just wants to help others, reach out to him to get on the waiting list for the next “Day 1” – you won’t regret it!

Guy Shorrock

As a Owner of a 3 well established businesses and a Property Investor, COVID19 created mixed emotions! Some worrying but mostly being excitement of the business challenges ahead. Obviously this is an absolute health crisis and I don’t want anyone to think I’m overlooking that! Like everyone, I am worried for the health of family and friends! But we decided to use the time wisely and look at where we are in our business and where we want to go! I am a believer in things happen for a reason and I started chatting with Andy Henderson from Forward Thinking who offers the Business Sherpa Guide! I speak for me and my co-directors when I say it is the best thing we have ever done for our business. Analysing where we are, where we are going and EXACTLY how we are going to do it! It was such a refreshing new way of looking at things! We are well on the way to implementing improved strategies and the results are already happening! The future is bright if you plan for it! Thanks Andy from The Straight talking: Sustainable Design and Building Energy People! Looking  forward to that beer! #positivity #constructionindustry #propertyinvestment #recruiting #developments

Jan Evans

Managing Director, Jets GPS
Any business owners serious about growing their business and having a clear plan to do so NEED to do this. Amazing content clearly mapped out to get you and your business where you want to be by someone who has lived the business owner life with all the ups and downs it brings, walked the walk, smashed it and now sharing that knowledge. Don't miss out, book on Success GPS.  

Craig Atkinson

I stumbled across Andrew by chance, and to be honest was very sceptical at first. I have since enrolled in the online GPS course and couldn’t be happier. My favourite part was the term “laser focused” this was a real eye opener for me or as Andrew likes to call it “lightbulb moment” ! Just a different perspective on your business does wonders and really helps you see what you can improve or tweek. I genuinely feel I have got a focus now and can take my small business to the next level. Also as a side note, I did this during the recent pandemic and honestly Andrew took all the stress away by giving me a purpose...daily videos and updates. A members group where you can network with other likeminded people. Literally worth his weight in gold and would not hesitate to recommend. 100% thank you for your help now and in advance for the future ! Craig Atkinson removals

Rose Gathumbi

CareerGPS student
I was lucky enough to be selected by Andy & Lee to take part in a beta test career GPS session. Andy was fantastic at getting me to dig dipper in to what I wanted and where I wanted to be in life and career. I enjoyed every session as they made it enjoyable and I was always looking forward to the next one. When I started I was in a place where I didn't know where to go next with my career, lacked self-confidence and belief in myself on what I was capable off. While I was doing the sessions, I gained the confidence I needed to take a leap into the right direction and managed to secure a new job in a new company heading to the right direction I want to be in. They both have your best interests at heart and they work with you to make sure you are getting best out of yourself. I truly enjoyed witty/joker Andy who worked so hard to make sure by the end of the beta test that we all had positive outcome, which we all did. I know I did. Lee was also a fantastic listener and always had a way of knowing the right words you needed when you are stuck with no words. Thank you very much, Rose Gathumbi

Laura Mullinder

CareerGPS student
I was introduced to Andy through Ben Duckworth in the summer. I found out he was doing a course called Career GPS which I found really interesting and useful! Career GPS is a great course to go on if you are looking for clarity in your career, I personally felt it helped put other things into perspective too and help me find my spark again. It has also given me my spring in my step and boot up backside and realised actually being my own boss is very much possible and achievable! Andy made the course really enjoyable and exciting, I really wish I could pocket his enthusiasm up and carry it with me all the time! Andy is the go-to man to help unlock your hidden potential and give you self belief! He has definitely done that for me and I am excited to see what the future holds. If you are feeling lost and unsure what career or where you want to be, Andy is the man to speak to! He can definitely help you find clarity and reach the top of your mountain. Thank you again Andy! Laura Mullinder

Darren Eckton

Business Owner
I've recently completed the GPS course with Andy. He's really friendly, down to earth and understands people from various backgrounds, be it sales, IT or a trade like myself. I really looked forwards to my Tuesday morning sessions. They really were the highlight of my week. I would happily recommend Andy and his Sherpa Guide System to anybody at any level.

Giles Hamilton Jones

Business Owner
Andy was an unbelievable help in focusing how I want the next 5-10 years to be shaped. My career, financials and lifestyle has completely changed and his GPS programme was a revelation. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve your whole life and career

Martin Horton

Business Owner
The Success GPS programme that Andy runs brings together loads of the leading systems and methods of building a successful business in an easy to understand and enjoyable way. This, coupled with Andy's passion and enthusiasm makes this a great investment for any new business owner or anyone who just needs to refocus!

Scott Chapman

Business Owner
Really enjoyed the course. It is simple, clear and easy to follow without being overly intense. The structure and content has given me a clear vision and strategy for the next ten years. I really recommend this course to anyone, especially those just starting their journey as well of those in the midst of it who seek further clarity, focus and direction. Fantastic value for money plus Andy continues to offer free of charge guidance, support and advice following its completion. Thank you Sherpa! Scott Chapman Scope Fire & Security Ltd

Kate Holroyd

Business Owner
2 weeks ago I knew that my business needed clarity so when I heard about Success GPS I jumped at it. Now I not only have a clear big picture about where my business is going long term but I also know every day what my priorities are and what I'm working towards. This degree of focus, I know will fundamentally change my business. Thanks Andy!

Tim Akerman

Business Owner
Thanks for the course Andy, it has really helped. me to crystallise my next steps. As you know you can't coach yourself, so this has really helped me get clarity around what is missing. The first year of the plan is low key, lots of content to create, but then it will get interesting! Good structured process with clear materials and guidance. Later this year I will be ready to help leaders become good company for their company. I have taken the first step, and another, each day is just one more step to where I am going.

Lisa Wood

Business Owner
I'm so grateful I was given the chance to be part of the Career GPS programme with Andy. I wish I had been given the gift of this course when I was leaving school. I’ve wasted so much time searching outside for the right thing for me, when the answers were inside me all the time – I just needed to know how to find them. Andy guides you to look at your life, not just your career, analyse where you are right now, identify where you want to be in 10 years, then gives you a map to get there – no getting lost or time wasting! Thank you so much Andy Henderson  

Catherine Cocklin

Business Owner
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Superb business programme with step by step progress to grow your business. I completed Andy's Success GPS course in the summer of 2020, the hardest year for business in my life. It helped me form a sustainable plan for my business. I now have a focussed, step by step plan for my business, how to get there, and my mind is a lot clearer. The programme gave exactly what it said on the tin. It also offered Andy's enthusiasm, positivity AND the support of the other business owners on the course. Support is vital when things are tough, and 2020 has been just that. TOUGH!! The support is ongoing, even though the course has finished. Andy is a Forward Thinking, straight talking, down to earth guy with a vision to help thousands of business owners like me. I can feel the benefits of the course already. Thank you Andy and Tribe #11

Matt Simmons

Sales Geek - eCommerce Geek
I had the pleasure of being invited to Andy and Lee’s Career GPS beta group, and although I'd heard good things about Andy and his coaching, I didn't think it was going to be for me, and I'm glad to say just how wrong I was! Andy & Lee have put together an incredible course that any career professional will get mountains of value from. Although being friendly and kind, Andy nor Lee won't hesitate to ask the sorts of the questions that you may not want to hear the answer from, but ultimately will help you on your journey. Big thanks to you guys for inviting on the journey and if you have the pleasure to work with Forward Thinking, Stay open minded and be prepared to come of the session a new person.

Nina – Innovator International team

Nina (Innovator International team #1)
Hi Andy, Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching us for the past few weeks! I’ve learned so much over these sessions, and incorporating the strategies you’ve given us (especially the ones where you break down huge goals into smaller ones and the one in Step 5 where we consider the impact achieving these goals will have on our family & the world, that was really motivating) has helped me a lot even in my daily life too. I hope things are going well for your new health GPS courses, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the world in the future 🙂 Thank you for being our sherpa guide! Best, Nina (Innovator International team #1)  

Lee Hezzlewood

I recently signed up for Andy's Success GPS 6 week course through the Boost scheme and I have to say it was one of the best things I have done in my business. Napoleon Hill said we should begin with the end in mind. Andy's course helps you to define the end you're looking for, then plan effectively on how you will get there. Breaking everything down into simple steps and achievable objectives that brings clarity to the often  complex and confusing concept of running a business. I highly recommend Success GPS to anyone in business, but especially those just starting out or struggling to drive their business forward.

Joe Henderson

Enterprise Architect
Andy is an experienced and insightful person; I worked with Andy on a Lancashire Boost funded programme. We went through Andy's highly recommended GPS Success programme, which I used to help me shape up the work needed for a Tech Startup I have been working developing. Andy's support has been significant for me and my future, and I cannot recommend GPS Success more highly, Andy has become my own "Sherpa" helping my navigate to the top of the mountain.

Alex Abbey

Where do I start! So for me when setting up my business it was important to create a support network of people who I could bounce ideas off, get great advice and generally point me in the right direction when I was a little lost! Its important to me to align myself with individuals who have vast experience and who have already walked the routes I hope to, in order to be successful. Andy came recommended to me and immediately I was blown away by his energy, his warm friendly approach and his overall knowledge! He is genuinely one of the nicest people you could meet, so to have the opportunity to work with Andy was something I was not going to walk away from, specially when you take in to consideration his knowledge and experience. I was fortunate enough to receive support from BOOST Lancashire which enabled me to take a seat on the Success GPS 6 Week Course, and I have to say its made a huge impact to me and ultimately my business. The course was done remotely, alongside a great bunch of like minded individuals and who I have kept in contact with, we all help one another and follow each others success. The course material itself goes right back to your Why! Why are you in business? What is your destination? The content taps in to the emotional side of business, at the start so that you can then build a plan to get to your destination, and it is all planned out over a 10 year period, and broken down in to 1, 3, 5 and 10 year targets! Andy helps you so much and uses his own knowledge and experience which he has helped over 300 businesses with, he calls himself the 'Sherpa Guide' and he certainly lives up to it! He shows you the way! He shows you not what to do, and where you can make some quick wins, to really make a difference to your business. Honestly, in a world where business coaches are ten a penny, you need someone who gets it! Who does what it says on the tin! Andy is that! Get yourself booked on the Success GPS course and tap in to what Andy has to offer, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Moving forward I now regard Andy as a friend, someone I can rely on, who I can call upon and who is one of the good ones in life! Thanks Andy, you're a top man and I will look forward to that coffee soon!  

Sally Mackrill

Director at TWA marketing
Andy is an exemplary professional coach. He exhibited a unique sense of interest in each individual and his insights and direction were always on target. I've always been very sceptical about coaching, perhaps since I am not keen on the 'forced fun' approach to learning but Andy's method was on point. Enthusiastic but tempered enough to effectively draw people in - demonstrative with his enviable ability to effectively 'read a room' and connect with people on their level. Some of the learnings were on my 'to-do list' but Andy has taught me how to attack each with vigour as well as identify the most proven methods to apply to each task. Plus he's made me much more aware of the financials and scalable targets that can be broken down into manageable chunks. I felt very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals throughout and actually found myself looking forward to each session. The course will no doubt prove to be a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Sarah Walker

Director at Blackjack Marketing
Just completed Andy’s Success GPS Course and it has been fantastic. It’s provided me with a clear strategic long term vision for my business along with steps on how to make the ‘dream’ a reality! It’s given me focus, discipline and accountability to take time and work on my goals and provided me with the realisation on how easily these are achievable with the right processes and mindset. Thanks Andy!

Paul Collis

Founder of Virtual FD Services
Having started a new business in the last few months, I recently completed Andy's Success GPS course. Despite already having a detailed business plan for my business, the course gave me and my business some real focus on achieving my short and long term goals. Andy's enthusiasm is infectious and I would recommend this course to business owners, whether starting out or if they have been in business for years. Andy was always contactable and available for support and guidance throughout the course. I have no hesitation in recommending Success GPS to any business owner out there!

Joanne Naylor

Joanne Naylor
I have recently finished my online course with Andy, and I couldn't be more excited about my future. I found it hard to believe that at the end of 6 weeks I would have a blue print to success. Andy has pulled the rabbit out of the hat! He has constructed a process that helps you brain dump; facts, emotions and creative thinking. All this focused, written information ends up in an easy bitesize, day by day, week by week task list that is SO achievable. The lessons are backed up with enthusiasm, passion, great anecdotes and tutorials. It still seems incredible to me that all along I, and the other great forward thinkers I had the pleasure of working with, had the answers all along! Thank you to everyone at Success GPS for helping me to map out the future I want for me and my family.

Gordie Smyth

Gordie Smyth
Andy's Success GPS programme has left me with a cast iron belief that the success of my business is inevitable. I wasn't necessarily lacking in confidence before going through the programme, but I definitely wanted to test my Business Plan and firm up on some of the detail within it. The peace of mind I've ended up with is absolutely priceless! The programme starts by looking at where you are now before moving onto where you want to get to and, crucially, why. With the destination established, Andy walks you through a process to effectively reverse-engineer your journey, which takes you right under the bonnet of your own business. The result is a step-by-step plan - a map - to follow and track your progress. Knowing every single day that you're on the right path makes every day a win, no matter what it throws at you. The process is as simple as it is genius and I think therein lies the magic! It's my pleasure to highly recommend Andy and his Success GPS programme. Oh, and remember, you're just one step away!

Leo Noctor

Leo Noctor
I started my business in March this year and Initially I was slightly sceptical, I was unsure about the programme as I thought I had a good plan, and wasn’t convinced that this was for me. That was until I started the programme, I’m over half way through and the whole experience has been fantastic, Andy has helped me understand more about moving forward with my business, how to approach my ideal customers and how to plan for the future. The group members have been nothing but supportive throughout and Andy has been there calling us up and messaging us helping and supporting along the way. I could not recommend this programme enough.

Samuel Gadd

Director at Suave Agency
What a day yesterday with my business coach and friend Andrew Henderson. We did some amazing work that helped me clarify my vision, purpose and business goals for the next 3 years! I cannot recommend this man enough! before doing his #SuccessGPS program I was going through the motions every day and not seeing the results I dreamt of... Now I am on a clear journey towards some big goals that I have wanted to achieve for a link time!

Jonathan Finch

Chief Training Geek at Sales Geek
Within my position as a senior leader, in many companies, I have spent many hours and days in “Strategy”, “Goal Setting” and “Mission statement” meetings. In my entire career I have never encountered a programme that draws out as many ideas, goals and ideas as I have with Andrew. Andrews mixture of encouragement, experience and dedication to helping businesses, without doubt, provides the most clarity and direction that I have ever encountered.”

Michael Quigley

Owner at Kataholos
Andrew is fantastic business man who definitely knows his stuff. his intelligence and capacity for lateral big picture thinking is superb, I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Oliver Alcock

MD at Bowland IT
An inspiration 10 minute presentation by Andrew Henderson from Forward Thinking this week at BNI Beacon, Clitheroe. Looking forward to learning more...

Daniel Smith

MD at Smith Media LTD
Want to get clear on the direction of your business? Check out Andrew Henderson! He's helped me really understand my business model and how I want to move forward in years to come.   Connect with him and get a meeting booked in, you won't regret it!

Andrew Dewhurst

Founder at Affilius
Andrews energy and positivity is infectious, he has a fantastic ability of extracting ideas and creating clarity. The ideas were there already there of course, but have never been fully realised. The Affilius team have always had a strong vision, but until spending time with Andrew and his Success GPS Program, had no real idea of how far we could take the business and how a dedication to taking things to a new level, to create really ambitious goals and capitalise on them and to supercharge the business to create 20 software platforms by 2020 It’s been amazing, we know exactly where we are going, how we are going to get there and who is coming along for the ride

Emma Astley

Owner and MD of Cover My Bubble
I started my own business in March 2018, I have been so busy & as soon as I met Andy knew he could help push me back on track as I’d taken the wrong junction, making it longer to get to my main focus point! After a few hours into his course last week the ‘North Star’ just shone...... and it’s given me a real focus on how to continue pushing my business forward! Highly recommended to anyone, whether you’ve been in business for 10yrs, 3yrs, 8mths or just starting. His courses can teach you all some very valuable lessons & life skills to push further, but most of all focus on what’s right & not to waste time on stuff that doesn’t belong to your journey. Thanks again Andy.

Andrew Dugdale

MD at Luna Leasing
From the first time I met Andy I knew he could help. Andy is a very intelligent, humble and most importantly personable individual. Someone who will go that extra few yards to help wherever he can. I’m enjoying the GPS programme and if you need direction in your business or life get in touch with him, it will be the best decision you make

Matt Rycraft

Managing Director, MJR Photography
An amazing journey I'm on right now with a fabulous bunch of entrepreneurs.  Supporting each other with laser-guided focus.  Strategically planning my route, my road and my end game.  The time will come for me to fly like an eagle. If you are stuck in a rut and need a Sherpa to Guide you to your goals, and to the top of your own mountain hit Andrew Henderson up.  

Mark Ashton

Director, Archytas Commerical
Had a fantastic day with Andrew Henderson of Forward Thinking.  Digging deep into my business and more importantly setting measurable, achievable, and stretching goals that will improve my life.  I now have a laser-guided vision for my business and my life.  The most positive and valuable day I have spent in a long while.  Superb value and worth every penny.  If you want to get off the hamster-wheel, drop Andy a line – you won’t regret it.

Peter Sims

Director, BlueRockIT
We started BlueRockIT in November 2018 and having never been in business before we were unsure where we could go, let alone what we could achieve. After meeting Andy and going through his Success GPS course, setting Blue Sky goals then breaking them down into manageable, achievable, bite sized portions it seems less of a challenge and more of a done thing. At the end of the course we were given a vital statistic score card where we put down milestones with manageable, measurable goals on a 90-day chart to give us something to aim for.

Fozz Forrest

Managing Director, TCB Designs
I would like to thank Andy for his time and experience in to creating the Success GPS course. It has been a great benefit to me personally and the business, the structure of the course helped me to really thing about my company and what I would like to achieve both personally and professionally, in the process of this, it also created my business plan which was non-existent and also how t execute a marketing strategy. All the thins the course promised it delivered on. We are now out of our cash flow issue, hitting our planned targets. Have more time and energy to spend in the right places. It has been 90 days since the course has taken place, since then we have exceeded monthly targets, moved premises. We have advertisements out to recruit more staff, have invested in a new website, and we are now in the process of becoming VAT registered after such an outstanding turnover increase. Thank you Andy for giving me guidance, clarity, vision and taking me off the hamster wheel.

Jason Dahar

Director, Tora Digital
I have completed the two-day Success GPS course with Andrew Henderson, which has helped me identify and achieve my goals and ambitions for my business. Andrew has walked the walk and talked the talk with real life success for companies, so he knows what he is talking about. The reason this course was a success for me, and why I have implemented changes, is because of Andrew’s experience and communication skills. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend the Success GPS course.

Sarah Montgomery

Director, delveOD
"As a small but growing business, the Forward Thinking Action Pack has really helped us to sharpen our focus on what is important to the success of our business. A key lightbulb moment for us was realising the potential of our business when we discovered that the opportunities available to us will overcome the obstacles we've put up ourselves. We feel ready to turn the dream of our future lives and our business a reality!" - Sarah - DelveOD

Marc McLoughlin

Managing Director, Keyfleet
Having met Andy just a few short months ago I was inspired by his positive energy and impressed by his commercial experience. I really bought into his story to, his why, and his apparent ability to get to the “big picture” whilst focusing on the small steps needed to get there. At KeyFleet we felt we had worked on our vision, market, product and delivery but were just missing that last component of having a North Star or a medium to long term goals we could all get behind. We had a full day with Andrew full of challenges, honesty, fun and a few tears and we came out with our 10 year goal and how to get there. Mission accomplished. The mountain top is in sight! - Marc - Keyfleet

Claire Bennett

Charity Manager - PAC
I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for your recent support in helping us, as a charity, explore an opportunity that had been presented to us. The use of the Success GPS gave us an invaluable and very creative tool to explore a potential journey for the opportunity whilst ensuring focus remained on the wider context and environment in regards to our future business plan. We have utilized many business planning tools in the past, but Success GPS made the process so much clearer, and easier to engage in. It provided clarity in identifying next steps to reach our future goals but made them affable, to ensure they were achievable, meaningful and progressive for all involved. Once again, thank you for making what can sometimes be a painful process into an enjoyable and exciting journey.

Daniel Jackson

Mortgage Adviser

I had a fantastic time with Andy Henderson on his Success GPS course. Having never been in a self employed environment before and feeling a bit lost within the business, I have now gained huge amounts of confidence and my work has trebled since we completed the training. I have overachieved in the majority of targets set over the next 90 days as well. But most importantly, Andy is your man to make you realise that anything is possible within your business and that your personal goals and objectives can be accomplished. I now feel energised every day and ready to succeed.

Andy Platt

Simply Corporate in Burnley
We started Simply Corporate in September 2018 and, as with most new companies  launching from a standing start, our priority was to get up and running and bringing business in to cover our costs. As we got busier, time was taken up in the day to day running of the practice and before we knew it 12 months had passed and we hadn’t taken the time to sit down together to discuss future plans in detail. Upon meeting Andy we knew straight way that he could help us; his energy, drive and enthusiasm were inspiring, and importantly he was someone who had been on a similar journey and succeeded. We spent an amazing day with Andy and came away with knowledge, confidence and a clear vision of our ‘North Star’. We have every belief that with Andy’s guidance we will achieve it and would recommend that if you need help with direction and goals for your business then Andy is the man to speak to!
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