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Dan Fisher

Samuel Gadd

Director at Suave Agency
What a day yesterday with my business coach and friend Andrew Henderson. We did some amazing work that helped me clarify my vision, purpose and business goals for the next 3 years! I cannot recommend this man enough! before doing his #SuccessGPS program I was going through the motions every day and not seeing the results I dreamt of... Now I am on a clear journey towards some big goals that I have wanted to achieve for a link time!

Jonathan Finch

Chief Training Geek at Sales Geek
Within my position as a senior leader, in many companies, I have spent many hours and days in “Strategy”, “Goal Setting” and “Mission statement” meetings. In my entire career I have never encountered a programme that draws out as many ideas, goals and ideas as I have with Andrew. Andrews mixture of encouragement, experience and dedication to helping businesses, without doubt, provides the most clarity and direction that I have ever encountered.”

Michael Quigley

Owner at Kataholos
Andrew is fantastic business man who definitely knows his stuff. his intelligence and capacity for lateral big picture thinking is superb, I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Oliver Alcock

MD at Bowland IT
An inspiration 10 minute presentation by Andrew Henderson from Forward Thinking this week at BNI Beacon, Clitheroe. Looking forward to learning more...

Daniel Smith

MD at Smith Media LTD
Want to get clear on the direction of your business? Check out Andrew Henderson! He's helped me really understand my business model and how I want to move forward in years to come.   Connect with him and get a meeting booked in, you won't regret it!

Andrew Dewhurst

Founder at Affilius
Andrews energy and positivity is infectious, he has a fantastic ability of extracting ideas and creating clarity. The ideas were there already there of course, but have never been fully realised. The Affilius team have always had a strong vision, but until spending time with Andrew and his Success GPS Program, had no real idea of how far we could take the business and how a dedication to taking things to a new level, to create really ambitious goals and capitalise on them and to supercharge the business to create 20 software platforms by 2020 It’s been amazing, we know exactly where we are going, how we are going to get there and who is coming along for the ride

Carl Allen

Founder at Ninja Acquisitions
I have used the Success GPS system in two of the businesses I own. I love it. I was initially sceptical as I thought “just another goal setting program” but this program is more about the execution and even more importantly, the psychology of taking action and staying accountable. I grew one business 2.7X in revenues and 4.4X in profit using these principles. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to grow a business and getting total clarity on where you currently are and how you get to the next level.

Emma Astley

Owner and MD of Cover My Bubble
I started my own business in March 2018, I have been so busy & as soon as I met Andy knew he could help push me back on track as I’d taken the wrong junction, making it longer to get to my main focus point! After a few hours into his course last week the ‘North Star’ just shone...... and it’s given me a real focus on how to continue pushing my business forward! Highly recommended to anyone, whether you’ve been in business for 10yrs, 3yrs, 8mths or just starting. His courses can teach you all some very valuable lessons & life skills to push further, but most of all focus on what’s right & not to waste time on stuff that doesn’t belong to your journey. Thanks again Andy.

Andrew Dugdale

MD at Luna Leasing
From the first time I met Andy I knew he could help. Andy is a very intelligent, humble and most importantly personable individual. Someone who will go that extra few yards to help wherever he can. I’m enjoying the GPS programme and if you need direction in your business or life get in touch with him, it will be the best decision you make

Gavin Roper

Director, Power Solutions UK
Before I spoke with Andrew, I was just stuck in first gear, the business was all over the place and I was spinning so many plates, and sometimes I just did not want to face work. After day 1 everything I needed to do made sense, within 7 days I’d totally restructured my business, and just knew what action I needed to take. Andrew gave me the confidence to do it, and I did. In 3 months I’m so focused, I’ve dramatically increased my earnings, I’m cruising in 6th gear, and I wake up every morning, positive and energised about what the day will bring. I feel like a different person.  

Jan Evans

Managing Director, Jets GPS
Any business owners serious about growing their business and having a clear plan to do so NEED to do this. Amazing content clearly mapped out to get you and your business where you want to be by someone who has lived the business owner life with all the ups and downs it brings, walked the walk, smashed it and now sharing that knowledge. Don't miss out, book on Success GPS.  

Matt Rycraft

Managing Director, MJR Photography
An amazing journey I'm on right now with a fabulous bunch of entrepreneurs.  Supporting each other with laser-guided focus.  Strategically planning my route, my road and my end game.  The time will come for me to fly like an eagle. If you are stuck in a rut and need a Sherpa to Guide you to your goals, and to the top of your own mountain hit Andrew Henderson up.  

Mark Ashton

Director, Archytas Commerical
Had a fantastic day with Andrew Henderson of Forward Thinking.  Digging deep into my business and more importantly setting measurable, achievable, and stretching goals that will improve my life.  I now have a laser-guided vision for my business and my life.  The most positive and valuable day I have spent in a long while.  Superb value and worth every penny.  If you want to get off the hamster-wheel, drop Andy a line – you won’t regret it.

Dan Elson

Director, Chasing Flags Digital
Looking to take your life and business to the next level?  Andrew Henderson is your man!  Taking the time away from the day to day to sit down and really, and I mean REALLY decide exactly what you want in your life and how your business will help you get it was a refreshing experience and that got my head buzzing but for all the right reasons.  Day 1 was amazing, onwards to day 2 in July!  Any is a friendly guy who just wants to help others, reach out to him to get on the waiting list for the next “Day 1” – you won’t regret it!

Peter Sims

Director, BlueRockIT
We started BlueRockIT in November 2018 and having never been in business before we were unsure where we could go, let alone what we could achieve. After meeting Andy and going through his Success GPS course, setting Blue Sky goals then breaking them down into manageable, achievable, bite sized portions it seems less of a challenge and more of a done thing. At the end of the course we were given a vital statistic score card where we put down milestones with manageable, measurable goals on a 90-day chart to give us something to aim for.

Fozz Forrest

Managing Director, TCB Designs
I would like to thank Andy for his time and experience in to creating the Success GPS course. It has been a great benefit to me personally and the business, the structure of the course helped me to really thing about my company and what I would like to achieve both personally and professionally, in the process of this, it also created my business plan which was non-existent and also how t execute a marketing strategy. All the thins the course promised it delivered on. We are now out of our cash flow issue, hitting our planned targets. Have more time and energy to spend in the right places. It has been 90 days since the course has taken place, since then we have exceeded monthly targets, moved premises. We have advertisements out to recruit more staff, have invested in a new website, and we are now in the process of becoming VAT registered after such an outstanding turnover increase. Thank you Andy for giving me guidance, clarity, vision and taking me off the hamster wheel.

Jason Dahar

Director, Tora Digital
I have completed the two-day Success GPS course with Andrew Henderson, which has helped me identify and achieve my goals and ambitions for my business. Andrew has walked the walk and talked the talk with real life success for companies, so he knows what he is talking about. The reason this course was a success for me, and why I have implemented changes, is because of Andrew’s experience and communication skills. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend the Success GPS course.

Sarah Montgomery

Director, delveOD
"As a small but growing business, the Forward Thinking Action Pack has really helped us to sharpen our focus on what is important to the success of our business. A key lightbulb moment for us was realising the potential of our business when we discovered that the opportunities available to us will overcome the obstacles we've put up ourselves. We feel ready to turn the dream of our future lives and our business a reality!" - Sarah - DelveOD

Marc McLoughlin

Managing Director, Keyfleet
Having met Andy just a few short months ago I was inspired by his positive energy and impressed by his commercial experience. I really bought into his story to, his why, and his apparent ability to get to the “big picture” whilst focusing on the small steps needed to get there. At KeyFleet we felt we had worked on our vision, market, product and delivery but were just missing that last component of having a North Star or a medium to long term goals we could all get behind. We had a full day with Andrew full of challenges, honesty, fun and a few tears and we came out with our 10 year goal and how to get there. Mission accomplished. The mountain top is in sight! - Marc - Keyfleet

Claire Bennett

Charity Manager - PAC
I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for your recent support in helping us, as a charity, explore an opportunity that had been presented to us. The use of the Success GPS gave us an invaluable and very creative tool to explore a potential journey for the opportunity whilst ensuring focus remained on the wider context and environment in regards to our future business plan. We have utilized many business planning tools in the past, but Success GPS made the process so much clearer, and easier to engage in. It provided clarity in identifying next steps to reach our future goals but made them affable, to ensure they were achievable, meaningful and progressive for all involved. Once again, thank you for making what can sometimes be a painful process into an enjoyable and exciting journey.

Daniel Jackson

Mortgage Adviser

I had a fantastic time with Andy Henderson on his Success GPS course. Having never been in a self employed environment before and feeling a bit lost within the business, I have now gained huge amounts of confidence and my work has trebled since we completed the training. I have overachieved in the majority of targets set over the next 90 days as well. But most importantly, Andy is your man to make you realise that anything is possible within your business and that your personal goals and objectives can be accomplished. I now feel energised every day and ready to succeed.

Andy Platt

Simply Corporate in Burnley
We started Simply Corporate in September 2018 and, as with most new companies  launching from a standing start, our priority was to get up and running and bringing business in to cover our costs. As we got busier, time was taken up in the day to day running of the practice and before we knew it 12 months had passed and we hadn’t taken the time to sit down together to discuss future plans in detail. Upon meeting Andy we knew straight way that he could help us; his energy, drive and enthusiasm were inspiring, and importantly he was someone who had been on a similar journey and succeeded. We spent an amazing day with Andy and came away with knowledge, confidence and a clear vision of our ‘North Star’. We have every belief that with Andy’s guidance we will achieve it and would recommend that if you need help with direction and goals for your business then Andy is the man to speak to!
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