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Hey Forward Thinker,

Today I want to ask you a super important question and…

For some of you it might be more of a challenge to answer than others…

When I often ask this question some business owners know right away! 

Others need a little time to think about it…

But eventually everyone deep down knows exactly why they started their own business…

For me it was for my family…

I want them to have the kind of life they deserve…me included!

And that’s what my business is helping me provide for us all…

And along the way I get to make a positive impact on people and the wider world too which is awesome! I love it!

Why did you start your business?

And is your vehicle of choice – your business – helping you achieve that?

If not, then today I’ve got something that might help…

Watch the video above!

And remember, you’re just one step away! 

Your Sherpa Guide,

Andy Henderson

P.S. Your business can become the vehicle it needs to be to have the type of life you’ve always wanted! And with the power of Success GPS and the Destiny Map you can make it happen! Book a discovery call with me today and let’s make that dream a reality! 

Why did you start your own business?


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